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A Look at Gel Candle Making Supplies

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Author: Thomas Morva

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Candles made of gel are often more unique and beautiful than traditional wax candles. There are several properties of gel candles that give them a unique and artistic appearance.

Unlike traditional wax candles, gel candles can be clear or multi-colored, they do not have to be a solid color. Candle makers can embed items in gel candles. Gel candles last twice as long as traditional wax candles. It is important to note that gel candles do burn at higher temperatures than wax candles, so it is vital that people follow all safety precautions when making and burning gel candles.

Gel candle making supply stores have become much more common in recent years. People can buy gel candle-making supplies at many of the same stores that sell traditional waxes.

One reason that gel candle-making supplies are so common is that they provide for more creativity than normal waxes. Gel can be clear or it can have swirls of multiple colors. There are a limitless number of ways that gel candles can be colored.

It is common for gel candle-making supply kits to include small items that can be embedded within the gel of the candle. The designs and figures are viewable through the translucent gel and can look quite stunning. Seashells, beads, and small figurines are just three types of things that can be suspended in the gel.

The gel used to make these candles can last up to twice as long as wax. This means that the candle will burn for twice as long and often provide twice as much fragrance and beauty.

It is vital to note that gel burns at a much higher temperature than other candle making materials, so it is imperative that people protect their skin when making a gel candle. People should be sure to make the candle in an appropriate container, which can handle the heat generated, and will not expand and break. People should not move a lit or recently extinguished gel candle. Instead, they should wait until it has cooled down to pick it up.

Making gel candles is a perfect creative outlet. Gel candles are unique and beautiful. As long as people follow the proper precautions, gel candles can last a long time and provide great room decoration.

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