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Antiques Glossary - U

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Author: Jim Coyle

* undercut Ornamental carving cut so deeply that the decoration not only stands out from the body of the material but in parts stands free of it. * underframing The support structure under, for example, a seat, table top, dresser or other cabinet. * underglaze Design or colours applied, cut or incised into a ceramic body before glazing and firing. See high temperature colours. * unite A British 17thC gold ?1 coin. Handsome triple-unites were struck by King Charles I at Shrewsbury and Oxford mints in the 1640s. * upholsterer's chair Single chair with fabric-covered back and seat. The chairs were hired out in the 17thC to private households by upholsterers. * upright 1 Frame of a chair back in one piece with the back legs. 2 Any vertical support on furniture. * urn stand A small table on which to stand a tea urn, often with a pull-out slide for a teapot. The stands were introduced in the mid-18thC. * Utility scheme British scheme introduced during the Second World War which enforced manufacturers to produce standardised designs to reduce wastage of raw materials. An official Design Panel hoped to encourage plain, durable but modern designs. Utility furniture tended to be rather drab, but its influence continued throughout the 1950s. Utility ceramics were also produced - simple pieces in white or cream.
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