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The Why - Seven Real Reasons to Own an Online Business

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Author: Joseph Pattison

Article source: Used with author's permission.

I?ll be blunt with you. You don?t own an online business to make money. Don?t believe me? Just hear me out. The real reason you own an online business is to do the things that money allows you to do. Life is short. It is precious. We really want the time to do the things that deep in our heart feel right for us. Here are seven real reasons to own an online business.

1. To live a life with a purpose. There is so much power, and so much joy in knowing that your life means something, and that others are better off because you lived. In what ways do you want to live a purposeful life?

For each person it?s different, but rest assured that everyone possesses this desire, even if many people have all but forgotten about it.

2. To leave a legacy, and to give your descendants the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. Maybe this doesn?t make sense to you, and maybe it does. But your actions today will effect people for many generations to come.

You have the blessed opportunity to provide people that you?ll never meet with a better quality of life. This is probably an article in itself, and I?ll stop here, but if this hits home for you, use it to your full advantage, and to the advantage of others.

3. To develop human relationships. For you, this could include the chance to be an awesome father, son, mother, grandmother, or granddaughter, and so on. The most important thing, and in fact the only thing that really matters, is our relationships with others.

4. To develop as a human being. I haven?t met you, although I hope I do someday, but I know that you have a deep longing for a number of things. One of these desires is the desire to do things that you?ve always loved doing, and that you were good at doing, but haven?t been able to do because you were bound by a job.

I?m not knocking jobs, but if you have a deep knowing that jobs aren?t for you, then you really have no choice to go after your dreams, and what?s really important to you in life.

5. To have the time and money to do things that you may have never dreamed of doing. With each passing day, you probably discover more and more things you would like to do if you were able, such as travel to exotic locations, and take up new and exciting hobbies. Visit and you?ll see exactly what I mean.

6. To be able to relax. By relax, I don?t mean get two days off a week from your job. I don?t consider that real relaxation. Personally, I don?t even like thinking about going to a job. And until I?m financially independent, I don?t believe I?ll be completely free to relax. That?s just me though.

7. To enrich the lives of others through your online business. This is a no-brainer, but it never hurts to remind oneself that one of the main reasons to own an online business is to better people through its operation. In what way are you bettering the lives of others through your online business?

I hope these seven reasons help you to maintain and continually develop a successful business online. The life you?ve always wanted is waiting for you, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey toward financial independence!

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